Below are the galleries from competitions and events sponsored by Encore Talent Productions. Events are listed newest to oldest. *Please note: it typically takes 7 to 14 days to process your photos and build the web pages. This is due to the high number of images generated at each event.

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-David and Shutter


04-29-2023 Columbus, OH

Dominion Middle School, Columbus, OH 04-29-2023

Gallery “A” – Charmion Performing Arts

Gallery “B” – Starstruck Dance

Gallery “C” – Michele Rexcad

Gallery “D” – Hollywood Dance

Gallery “E” – All Valley

Gallery “F” – In Step Dance

Gallery “G” – Judy Dollenmayer

Gallery “H” – Cindi’s Dance

Gallery “I” – J.A.Z. Dance

Gallery “J” – Showtime Dance

04-22-2023 Rio Grande, OH

Berry Fine and Performing Arts Center, Rio Grande OH 04-22-2023

Gallery “A” – Whitney Vanzant

Gallery “B” – Rockstarz

Gallery “C” – All Valley

Gallery “D” – Ohio River Dance

Gallery “E” – Cindi’s Dance Studio

Gallery “F” – Showtime Dance Studio

04-01-2023 Lima, OH

Veterans Memorial Civic Center, Lima, OH 04-01-2023

Gallery “A” – German Town Dance

Gallery “B” – A Step Above

Gallery “C” – Step By Step

Gallery “D” – In Step Dance Center

Gallery “E” – Independent – Galauner

Gallery “F” – Hollywood Dance

02-25-2023 Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Cuyahoga Falls HS – 02-25-2023

Gallery “A” – New Wave Dance Company

Gallery “B” – Cuyahoga Falls Dance Co

Gallery “C” – Red Dance Co.

Gallery “D” – Take the Stage

Gallery “E” – Dance Evolution

Gallery “F” – Awards

02-11-2023 Springfield, OH

From the John Legend Theater – Springfield, OH

Gallery “A” – Artistic Dance Center

Gallery “B” – Charmion Performance Arts Center

Gallery “C” – All Valley School of Dance

Gallery “D” – Behind the Curtain

Gallery “E” – Prisha sai Echuri

Gallery “F” – Awards Ceremony

01-14-2023 Zanesville, OH

Gallery “A” – The Dance Factory

Gallery “B” – All Valley School of Dance

Gallery “C” – Charmion Performance Arts

Gallery “D” – Infusion Dance