USS Cod SS-224

Welcome aboard! The USS Cod is a Gato Class World War II diesel/electric submarine permanently  moored as a floating memorial and museum in Cleveland, OH. Ordered by the Navy in September 1940 and launched in March 1943. Cod was among the first class of the “long range” Fleet type submarine. Cod conducted seven Pacific patrols during the second world war sinking or damaging twenty enemy vessels and another two dozen “Junks” as the decimated Japanese merchant fleet began to rely on smaller vessels to transport goods and war supplies.

Following the war Cod was decommissioned in 1954 and used as a training vessel on Lake Erie until 1971 when she was finally stricken. Saved from potentially being scrapped by Cleveland Coordinating Committee to Save Cod, Inc as was the fate of many WWII era submarines, Cod became a floating memorial and museum on Lake Erie and opened to the public in 1976.

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Below are nearly 300 images in both color and black and white taken in September 2020. To download tap or click each photo to open the full size image, and then save as your computer or mobile device prescribes. Images below are lower resolution that the actual photos due to limitations on file size. Larger images are available upon request.


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Gato Class Submarine
Length: 312 ft
Beam: 27 ft 3 in
Draft: 17 ft
Propulsion: 4 × General Motors Model 16-248 V16 Diesel engines 5,400 hp each driving electric generators.
2 × 126-cell Sargo batteries.
4 × high-speed General Electric electric motors with reduction gears, two propellers.
Speed: 21 knots (24 mph) surfaced, 9 kn (10 mph) submerged.
Range: 11,000 nautical miles (13,000 mi) surfaced at 10 kn (12 mph)
Armament: 10 × 21 inch torpedo tubes, 6 bow, 4 stern,
1 x 5″/25 caliber gun forward,
2x 40 mm Bofor canons front and rear of sail.
Crew: Originally 6 officers and 54 enlisted, this grew to as many as 90 total later in the war as new weapons and duties evolved.

Black and White Photos

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